Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I’m late turning in my manuscript?
    We try to be as flexible as our calendar allows us. We understand writing is a creative process and sometimes things take longer than anticipated. So, we ask that you please email us as soon as possible so we can shift dates on our calendar.


  • Do you accept unfinished manuscripts?
    Unless it’s a proposal (first three chapters with/without synopsis and blurb), we only accept finished manuscripts. Every time we receive a full manuscript, we both edit and talk to each other about the book’s strengths and weaknesses to deliver the most helpful and constructive editorial services to you. So reading in chunks doubles our work each time.


  • Can I book a lot of time in advance?
    The sooner, the better.


  • I’m in a hurry. Do you offer rush editing?
    Generally, no. We’re authors as well and have our own deadlines, and also have clients who booked ahead of time. You can always check, but most likely we need some time in advance. Our goal isn’t to have as many clients as possible, but to have a roster of clients we work well with and can help grow.


  • Do you offer proofreading?
    While we do some line editing, especially when you buy two passes, our main focus is in the story development, character ARCs, pacing, etc. If you’ve already written and edited a book elsewhere and just want another set of eyes to make sure every comma is in place, we’re not what you’re looking for. We like to dig deep in our manuscripts!


  • What if I get a lot of advice I don’t agree with?
    At the end of the day, it’s your decision how much of our feedback you will implement in your story. We totally understand the book is your “baby.”


  • What can I do on my end so my book will get the best editing possible?
    Send us a book you’ve written and self-edited at least once. Go through the pre-edit list we’ll send once you book us.